Capgemini Invent acquires British agency Rufus Leonard

Capgemini Invent, a global consulting firm, has completed a major acquisition in the UK with the acquisition of design and brand agency Rufus Leonard.

Headquartered in London, Rufus Leonard employs over 70 professionals and specializes in design and technology services focusing on enhancing the branding and customer experience.

“Customers want to embrace digital possibilities and constantly renew themselves for real, long-term value and impact,” said Cyril Garcia, CEO of Capgemini Invent. “Rufus Leonard is very relevant to us in terms of their skills, clients and culture. I am delighted to welcome them to the office.

Rufus will become part of Leonard Design and Creative Consultancy Frog, which has been a subsidiary of Capgemini Invent since 2019 following its previous acquisition of Ultron. In the summer of last year, the frog (along with Cambridge consultants) was transferred to the invention of the Capgemini locally.

“The global scale and mission of the Capgemini invention will open up new opportunities for Rufus Leonard and his clients,” said Neil Svensson, President and Founder of Rufus Leonard. “We are pleased with Capgemini Invent ‘approach to data integration in its customer-centric design services and its highly complementary culture.”

For Capgemini Invent, the acquisition deal follows shortly after the acquisition of financial services expert Chappelle Holder. In recent years, Capgemini Invent has acquired Konexus Consulting in the US for Purpose (2020) and Germany (2019).

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