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March is the last month for all Eurovision Song Contest countries to choose their candidate and/or song for the big party in May. A lot of national preliminaries took place in recent weeks, which Songfestival.be followed closely and still follows, but the preliminaries season is already in its last phase. In addition to large preliminary round spectacles, several national broadcasters conduct internal selections each year. Many candidates and songs are now known, but there are still a few. Below is all the information about the countries where we still expect indoor white smoke.


Meanwhile, we already know that Armenia is something beautiful beauty will be sent to Liverpool, but so far it’s been tight-lipped about the song choice. is there No specific date yet of the song program.


Traditionally, the news about the Eurovision Song Contest comes very late from faraway Azerbaijan. In early February, five candidates were announced as running, but one final Exam date not published. May have to wait until March.


The Cypriots rushed to introduce their candidate for Liverpool as one of the first nations at the end of last year. Hunk Andrew Lambrew He was selected locally to represent the island at the Eurovision Song Contest, but it remained silent about the song for a long time. One happened this week fragment Released from his Eurovision no Break a broken heartOn that day March 2nd The end follows completely liberation


In Georgia the candidate has already been elected: Young Two Kechanovi Local success the voice And got a ticket to the United Kingdom. To date, he remains a candidate without a song. They currently have some time in Georgia There is no word on the announcement date. Here also the month of March should give liberation.

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Greek drama last week. The Greek broadcaster opted in-house some time ago Victor Vernikos Representing all Greeks in the Eurovision Song Contest, but another internal candidate revealed this week that, according to him, the internal battle is not going well. To this day, Victor remains the Greek candidate with no What they say. As of now, we only know the title of the song, which is yet to be released Published. is also No date yet Released from publication. Whether last week’s smear throws a spanner in the works for Victor remains to be seen, but we hope so deus ex machina Finally March will clarify.


We’ve known the Dutch public broadcaster duo for a while now Mia Nicolai and Diane Cooper With a plane ticket, a free night’s stay and lots of Eurovision fun in Liverpool as a prize, rumors have been swirling about the chosen song and title for the past few weeks. Now the time is near. On that day March 1 We first get The height of the chase to hear


Woman power For Alpine Country: Thea and Salena Locally selected as candidates for Austria this year. Their song will be presented on International Women’s Day 8 March. Recently it was reported that the duo released this song together Edgar Allan Poe Will bring, but it is not confirmed yet.

United Kingdom

These are undoubtedly busy days at the BBC. At the moment, preparations for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest are in full swing, but the host country Nothing has been announced yet A representative on home soil and about the song. Expectations are already high. And some embarrassment too, after years of the British messing around with the Eurovision Song Contest Zero points Sam Ryder finished second last year astronaut.


Swiss announced this week that it had chosen domestically Remo Farrar As a candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest. His song is presented on that day March 7.

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And what about Italy?

Italy and the Eurovision Song Contest, always a bit of a mess. Marco Menconi He won it head and shoulders Sanremo Festival With the song Appropriate width. Mengoni confirmed very quickly that he would definitely represent Italy at Liverpool, but to this day there is still some uncertainty as to whether he will be fit. Appropriate width will participate. The Italian singer will have to make a decision in March.

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