Cataract surgery in both eyes at the same time is better and cheaper than the current science method

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Surgery for both eyes could save 27 million euros

About 180,000 cataract surgeries are performed annually in the Netherlands. If both eyes were done on the same day, this could save €27.4 million, according to the study.

In these costs, the researchers included not only the costs of the operation, but also the costs of aftercare and home care that many people would need for individual operations.

865 patients participated in the study, which was led by Maastricht UMC+. They were operated in ten Dutch hospitals.

These and a number of other hospitals are already well prepared to perform surgeries on both eyes at the same time. Dozens of other clinics and hospitals have not yet adopted this method. “It doesn’t happen overnight,” says a researcher from UMC + Maastricht University.

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