Catholic institutions are committed to climate

In an initiative of 31 Catholic institutions from six countries Latado SI– Movement to the occasion Earth Day 2023 (April 22) Signed a statement of commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Mgr. Giovanni RicciutiBishop and President of Altamura-Gravina-Acquaviva delle Fonti Pax Christi ItalyHe hopes the signing will encourage more people to stop investing in fossil fuels. Each of us must do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. But we must permanently commit to an energy policy that abandons fossil fuels that damage our planet’s climate and contribute to the exploitation of entire populations.

Latado SI

International Laudato Si’ movement Initially campaigning in the Anglo-Saxon world for greater climate justice and divestment of fossil fuels. This call found great response, especially in British church communities and parishes. The new members are seven dioceses and six cathedrals Church of EnglandIncluding Canterbury Cathedral, two Catholic dioceses – Northampton (England) and Catania (Italy) – three congregations of religious women, two churches in the United Kingdom, eight Catholic Charities, Association of Catholic Scouts and Guides of Italy (AGESCI), an Anglican Diocese of Newcastle (Australia) and a Jewish institution in the United States.

Source: Sermon

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