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After solid foods, the Nutri-Score algorithm has now also been updated for beverages. FPS Public Health announced this on Monday. Because of the update, sweetened drinks will soon have a lower score.

Nutri-Score was introduced in 2018 and visually indicates how healthy a food is, based on the amount of calories, total sugars, saturated fat, salt, protein, fiber, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

The algorithm behind these scores—which range from A (healthiest) to E (unhealthiest)—was vetted by a group of specialists to better align with current dietary recommendations.

Refresh drinks

First for solid foods and now the beverage update is complete too. From now on, drinks with sweeteners, such as “diet” soft drinks, will get a lower score. This is because recent studies show that these alternative sweeteners do not provide a critical health benefit over traditional sugars.

In addition, milk, milk-based drinks and plant-based drinks will henceforth be placed in the “Beverages” category. The exclusive status of water is also emphasized. As the only beverage recommended by international health authorities, water has been awarded an A rating.

Marking adjustment

The changes must be implemented in the seven countries involved (Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland) by the end of the year. The companies involved will then have another two years to adjust their labeling. In our country, naming is not mandatory.

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