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Chaos pervaded the seven-hour shareholder meeting at Hackren Bank. Three candidates withdrew. Assuria’s nominee, Jerry Liao Ki Fa, and Hackerine Bank’s commercial director, Ashwin Gobe, withdrew before the vote.

It also became clear today that Supervisory Board member Stephen Deppersad is withdrawing from the board. Depipersad wrote in a letter about his resignation from the Hackerbank (SB) Supervisory Board:

“In the past, the supervisory function has been found to be complicated by training, incomplete information and even missing information from the board of directors to the supervisory board. On several occasions, the undersigned have questioned the impartiality of the work of the supervisory board chair of the supervisory board. In good conscience, the undersigned have attempted to carry out his duties within the supervisory board Oversight, despite the results. However, everything necessary has been done to present the 2020 annual accounts of Hakrinbank NV to the shareholder meeting. The convening of the annual general meeting of shareholders on August 30, 2022, Depipersad said, is partly a result of the leadership given to this meeting by Chairman of the Supervisory Board, does not conform to personal principles and should be strongly rejected.”

Stephen Deppersad

The meeting witnessed protests against the situation and the procedures followed. The meeting, which began on Tuesday evening, continued until about 3:30 this morning. The state was represented by MP Prashant Baldeu. The 2020 annual accounts have been approved by shareholders Assuria and Staatsolie.

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