Charles wants to keep his 75th birthday young

Windsor had a busy year. From anniversaries to funerals to coronations – and then all the regular royal events around. soon to be king Charles 75, and you might expect this, too, to be accompanied by a lot Pump and adverb. But this could be disappointing, according to the insider.


Of course, royal birthdays are a little different in the United Kingdom. No apple pie and champagne (or who knows, behind closed palace doors), but selfies, cannon shots, and waving flags. Especially with big birthdays, like the three-quarters of a century that King Charles will soon be eavesdropping on, we actually expect a royal-sized party.

But palace sources said that wouldn’t be the case, he writes Daily Mail.

With family

Okay, so we probably won’t be seeing the Windsors around the coffee table with a tray full of cheese cubes and sliced ​​sausage anytime soon, but many insiders say the monarch wants his birthday to be “small and family-focused.”

“Your Majesty does not like to be concerned with such matters, but he is also aware that there have been many major royal events recently, and he believes that the events around his birthday will be very insignificant.” clearly!

Another insider source reportedly stated, “There was a lot of flying and parades.”

color forces

Moreover, of course, the great public celebration of Charles’ birthday is already beyond us: after all, the traditional celebration of Trooping the Color took place in June, as the King’s birthday had been celebrated for years.

Photo: NL Image

With a small celebration in family circles, the king will add sparkle to his birthday next November. We might see a new avatar of the King, but we shouldn’t expect more than that.

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Or well come on: a load of cannonballs. This again.

Source: Daily Mail | Photo: NL Image

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