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interviewThe Dutch traditional online payment system Ideal has been taken over by the European Payment Initiative, a collaboration of sixteen of Europe’s largest banks. Nothing will change for Dutch customers, says Daniel van Delft, director of Currence, Ideal’s parent company.

Why was Ideal sold?
“We already had plans to start abroad. In addition, large European banks were already looking for powerful local or national payment systems that could serve as the basis for the European payment system. This is how they came to us. And we can be proud of that. It is also an important strategic step towards Create a European payment system. This means that more consumers and retailers can join.

What makes Ideal an ideal buyout candidate?
“The three big banks, ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank, were the first in Europe to put their heads together to create an online payment system. It was about developing a system with a large scale that pays from one account to another. And it worked. More than 70 percent are paid From online purchases via Ideal in the Netherlands Never again has there been such a successful initiative, neither in the Netherlands nor abroad.It is a payment system that continues to innovate.Take the e-billing system, where you pay your energy bill via the Ideal QR code. ”


We expect that we will grow faster as a result of the acquisition

Will the Dutch user still notice anything from the acquisition? Will it be more expensive?
“Nothing will change for Dutch users in the coming years. It remains free to use for customers, and retailers pay a fee. The basic remains fast ordering and secure payment, and that won’t change. In the Netherlands, many perfect payments are made via the mobile banking app. We We want to keep it that way. In the long term, it will have great benefits for Dutch consumers. The intention is that the payment system will be deployed in Germany and France. Then the Dutch consumer can order from German or French webshops and simply pay with Ideal, simple and safe In the long run, all kinds of new services can be offered to the consumer.”

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What kind of services?
“We are looking for a solution for recurring payments, such as subscriptions. How can we properly support them. In other countries they are working on a wallet, an e-wallet. You can then add Ideal and identify yourself online. You can also store digital euros in it. This wallet may become available.” Also for Dutch customers.And we look Buy now and pay laterDeferred payment for your purchases.

Buy now and pay later? This is exactly what was warned about.
“We’re also very keen on that. It has to be completely transparent to the customer, with no strings attached. We’ll test with ideal customers if it’s working right. If it goes well, we want to expand. In the UK they’ve been working on it for some time.” Buy now and pay later. And we see the excesses.”

Will there be any job losses as a result of the acquisition?
“We expect to grow at an accelerated pace.”

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