The discovery of a Buddha statue at an archaeological site in Egypt | Sciences

A statue of Buddha was found at an ancient site in Egypt near the Red Sea. The discovery may indicate important trade links between the Roman Empire and India. This was reported by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

American and Polish archaeologists discovered the statue in Berenike, an ancient port city in the southeast of the country. The 71-centimetre-high statue dates from Roman times and depicts a clothed Buddha who has lost his limbs on the right side. The halo around his head indicates sunlight.

Egypt was then at the center of the trade route that connected the Roman Empire to many parts of the ancient world. Ships arrived from India loaded with spices, jewellery, textiles or ivory.

Egypt regularly announces archaeological discoveries. However, some experts believe that they are often used as a tool to promote tourism and are not always of historical interest.


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