Children watch Gino (9 years old) being dragged into a car by a man disguised as a soccer coach | Abroad

Two children saw how 9-year-old Gino van der Straiten was lured into a car on June 1 by someone pretending to be a football coach. Then the boy was dragged into the car. This is what was the mother of the children who watched this happen to the newspaper Limburger

The two kids, a 14-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl, were playing soccer with Gino on the night in question. According to the children, a man came to the stadium in Kerkrade around 6:30 pm to play football with them. The man said he was a football coach. he said that attested by† He praised Gino for his football skills and asked him to come to his car. The kids watched Gino volunteer to walk along the road and then was dragged into the car.

According to Jok Hoji, the children’s mother, son and daughter have been questioned three times by the police and their testimonies should be taken “extremely seriously”. Children, along with many other children playing soccer, are the last to see Gino in public.

‘Significant impact’

how late Limburger You know that events have a huge impact on the family. “When my daughter saw a broadcast about Jeno on TV last week, I broke down in tears. She finds it very scary to go to school by bike in the area now. My son goes to school in Heerlen, which is a bit more closed. He is also very shocked. I am a mother of course.” It would have been one of my children who could have taken the suspect.”

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The Public Prosecution Office suspects that Donnie M. The 22-year-old from Jilin kidnapped and killed Gino. M was arrested a few days after the kidnapping and is currently being held in shackles, which means he is only allowed to speak to his lawyer. M. should go to the Pieter Baan Center for a psychiatric examination. At the age of 17, the man had already been convicted of abusing a boy.

Because this is an ongoing case, the Dutch police do not want to make any statements.

Fires, thefts, and the myriad quirks: the turbulent life of Donnie M.

“If Gino was here, he would have wide eyes”: Family and friends commemorate the deceased boy while awake

Witness the mother of a former victim of Donnie M. (22): “When he was 12 years old, he was said to be too young to be punished”

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