China to return 8 of “Hong Kong 12” to Hong Kong

Last year, Chinese authorities intercepted 12 activists from Hong Kong while trying to flee to Taiwan. Eight of them have now been returned to Hong Kong.

Due to the relatively new existence Hong Kong’s National Security Law The eight activists could face additional penalties. Two of them are still underage and are now back without a prison sentence, while the alleged leaders of the group, Tang Kai Yen and Queen Moon are serving three and two years in prison, respectively.

Ai Weiwei: “Hong Kong is the amputated finger of Western democracies”

Hong Kong 12 attempted to flee from mainland China to Taiwan in a speedboat last year. The Chinese coast guard charged them, and in December, a Shenzhen court found them guilty, across the border from Hong Kong, of illegally crossing the border.

Then China took Hong Kong

The twelve attempted to avoid convictions under the Hong Kong National Security Act by transit. According to the Hong Kong government, they were accused, among other things, of rioting, attacking a police officer, making a Molotov cocktail, possession of weapons and assembling explosives.

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