Gaining a huge fan base for the new generation with Van der Boyle and Evenbueuil among others

What is the common denominator between REMCO EVENBUIL and Matthew van der Paul? They dare to attack from afar, and they are part of a new generation that challenges all logic. This racing method conquers the hearts of many cyclists. Peter Winen is also a huge fan.

Peter Weinen is a former cyclist who twice won the tour in Alpe d’Huez. In his column De Volkskrant The Dutch praise the new generation. “A generation of cyclists has emerged who want to have fun on the bike. Young boys are brimming with talent and prefer to storm the sky yesterday rather than today. They dare to die and thus win.”

The series of compliments doesn’t stop there. “Better yet, it makes the races enjoyable to watch even for non-cycling enthusiasts. Van der Boyle, Evenbole, Bogacar, Hershey, Bedcock – I’ll just mention a few – neither hierarchy nor reputation bother them. They don’t have time. To work on themselves slowly, they are deceptive.” : Here I am, whether you like it or not.

It is not from nothing

According to Winnen, such an outstanding talent does not appear suddenly. “Sometimes one seems to appear from nowhere on the highest stage, like Christ, but it does not work that way. Scouts are everywhere with their thorny networks. Relevant scientific standards.”

So science plays a major role in the cycle. “What is good on paper, the arduous training in the peloton can be omitted. The supreme talent that is defined by science is sharpened by more science, and voila, the hero is ready. The so-called philosophy Marginal gains Presented by the former Sky team is a must. “

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