China’s pride, but censored on social media

Laughing widely, she appeared on many front pages today as the first Asian woman and the second woman to win the Oscar for Best Director. But in his home country, it is undoubtedly quiet around Sino-American Chloe Zhao Nomlandland 93rd Oscar winner.

“China’s Pride!” Happiness Global Times In early March Still, when Close Zhao is with her Nomlandland Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director. Exclamation point and all. But after winning the Oscar last night, Zhao is on the front page, shining brightly on almost all Western newspaper sites. Global Times Not found. Only one commentaarstuk On the editorial board of the newspaper, which is funded by the Chinese Communist Party, Zhao represents the Oscars. In which, the Global Times Immediately after what happened after the Golden Globes: “Since then, the Chinese people have found an old interview about her in which she made inappropriate comments about China.”

N ‘Nomlandland’ Wind 93 Oscars

The Oscars were not televised

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV did not broadcast the Oscars for the first time since 2003, while other broadcasters have reportedly been advised to reduce the Academy Awards limit. Washington Post. That omission must be made with the appointment Do not separate For the best short documentary. Director Anders Hammer has been following the demonstrations in Hong Kong in 2019. But the controversy over Zhao is also said to have played a role.

Articles and comments were quickly removed from Chinese social media after Zhao’s Oscar win, and searches for his name or Oscar yielded some significant results, he writes. Andhra. The hashtag ‘Chloe Zhao won Best Director’ was censored on Weibo, a very popular social media site. Instead, users were given an error message saying ‘the page could not be found according to the relevant law’.

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One blogger mentioned that an article about Oscar Wang entering a boy band competition can only be found on Weibo about the ‘Oscar’. Video clips of Zhao’s success have also been removed from other sites, such as the DuPont Film Forum. In Wechat, almost Chinese WhatsApp, users can talk to each other about Zhao, but not all news articles Nomlandland Disappeared.

‘Lying Everywhere’

The controversial interview starts in 2013. In that conversation with the special press Filmmaker Zhao described his homeland as ‘a place where lies lie everywhere’. After the release of the interview by Chinese internet users, the release of the film in China was delayed without an official explanation. Nomlandland Usually had to appear in theaters this week.

Chloe Zhao, 39, also known as Zhao Ding, was born in Beijing, but later moved to the United Kingdom and later to the United States to study political science. In his welcome address, Zhao expressed loving words for his childhood in China and for the love of poetry he shared with his father. In doing so, it is translated as “all people are naturally born good”, quoting some verses from a popular poem in the Mandarin language of the 13th century.

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