Liverpool could field new center-back federation as Jurgen Globe considers midfield shake-up

Shot-up Liverpool, without a goal in their last three Premier League games, have a problem.

J ஜூrgen Klopp knows a lot about it.

It’s been seven parts of league football since Liverpool’s last found the back of the net, the longest since 2000 when Gerrard Houlier’s men went 11 without a goal.

Sunday’s the latest empty home against Manchester United, the Reds have now gone three top flight devices without registering for the first time in the spring of 2005.

“We face Burnley on Thursday and they are not famous for achieving a lot of goals,” the Reds boss said of his next test.

In fact, the fitted list could have been a little more generous to them when they went in search of some findings for Liverpool.

Instead, the harsh reality of the Premier League will see it try to break one of the most stubborn defensive forms in the Thursday evening division.

So, how Globe Are you going to unleash some creativity?

Failing to do so, their Premier League title will disappear from view.

Now it appears dramatically, not after both Manchester clubs played Wednesday evening.

The champions could cut themselves by six points as Sean Dych’s men roll on Mercedes.

Maybe this is a game for the specific qualities of Not Phillips?

The 23-year-old’s movement is unknown, but if Burnley’s long-term early tactics are to be used, the center-back may be the best choice against aerial bombing.

Importantly, the Globe may also offer the opportunity to move Fabinho to his natural position at the bottom of midfield three.

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Globe confirmed it Joel is likely to return upstairs In the controversy, he could form an all-center alliance with Phillips with a rare vision at the center of Liverpool’s defense.

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If captain Jordan Henderson is named in midfield with Fabinho it could have a positive impact on the other end of the pitch.

It was said to be two-thirds of what many people identify with LiverpoolThe best midfield was forced to act behind The biggest game of the campaign against United.

Both players were excellent, but will certainly be stopped soon in their proper positions.

Returning upstairs, along with Philips ’ability, could now reduce that burden.

Elsewhere in midfield, Guinea Vijnoldham and Diego Alcondara are vying for the title after their respective performances against United.

Diego, who made his debut at Anfield almost four months after signing, made a cut on the midfield battlefield.

His sharp and detailed passing range was, at times, a delight to watch against the Red Devils.

As he continues to develop pace he can be consistently in line for a second start.

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and James Milner are also available if Klopp decides to move the bag, but Nabi Geeta is sure to be rejected.

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There was a surprising addition against United as Shorton Shakiri started his first Premier League for 13 months.

The Switzerland international spot on the team is a clear signal from the Globe that he knows creativity needs injection.

It still has, but will he have another start against Claretz on Thursday evening?

Above, the Globe is likely to have confidence with Roberto Firmino in the 9th role, Despite one day against United.

Takumi Minamino and Divak Origi are available, but Klopp is expected to retain Firmino between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

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