Chinese state media censors itself after using poem about corrupt leaders | outside

Chinese state media has reportedly censored one of her videos after viewers noticed it referred to a Chinese poem about corrupt leaders ignoring the national crisis.

The video released by state media was intended to highlight Hangzhou. The Asian Games will be organized there this month.

However, Lin Sheng’s poem, written in the 12th century, raised eyebrows. The poem can be interpreted as a criticism of the rulers of the Song Dynasty. Corrupt officials are accused in the poem of fleeing troubled areas to enjoy a life of drunkenness in Hangzhou.

The poem is well known in China and generally uncensored, but by combining the poem with the images the entirety can be interpreted as political satire. When the video was removed, it had already been viewed 130,000 times.

The mistake by Chinese state media comes shortly after a new draft law was proposed that would criminalize comments, clothing or symbols that “undermine the spirit” or hurt “China’s feelings.”

Political comments are strictly censored in China.

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