Christopher’s famous “In the Wild” bus transported McCandless, Alaska

Christopher McCandless, A young college student from California, cut all ties with society in 1990 at the age of 22 and began traveling across the US as a homeless. Fascinated by Alaska, McCandless wanted to travel the countryside, providing his own food, even though he had neither wildlife experience nor equipment. In 1992 he started his wonderful adventure. He came across a bus that he made his base of operations. After all the hardships and vain attempts to communicate with civilization, he passed away there in August 1992.

In 1996 John Krakaure wrote a book called The Life of McCandless “To the wild”, Based on the bus diary. Actor and director Sean Penn filmed it under the same title in 2007, starring Emile Hirsch and featured music by Pearl Jam singer Eddie Feder.

Christopher McCandless’s story and philosophy of life appeals to the imagination. Certainly since the book and movie was written, hundreds of people have wanted to visit the place where the young adventurer spent his last days, as a kind of pilgrimage site. The wreck of the bus always remained. Until now.

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