Citizens of the European Union imprisoned due to border control in the United Kingdom

EU citizens wishing to visit the United Kingdom risk detention in a UK government detention facility. Reports indicate that there is particular concern among families that European relatives visit Watchman Been submitted.

Often the slightest suspicion that someone has entered the UK to work is enough to keep them in detention for a week and then deport them to where they have traveled.

Eyewitnesses said that complaints from relatives and host families in the UK were not answered or ignored by the Home Office and some local MPs. Watchman.

Taken to custody

Giuseppe Pitchery, who has worked for the NHS (Britain’s National Health Service) for 15 years, told The Guardian that he and his four-year-old daughter waited hours at Heathrow Airport on April 17 to pick up his 24-year-old niece. Marta Lomartier. However, she did not attend. She was arrested, interrogated, and deported before being locked up overnight in a detention center surrounded by barbed wire in Colinbrook.

Pichierri was summoned in the middle of the night to say that Le Martyr was in custody. “We were not approached or informed of her whereabouts,” he said. The next day he tracked her down in Colnbrook and was forced to travel to the detention center to meet Le Martyr.

Disposal centers

Her case emerged 24 hours after The Guardian reported cases of Spanish, French, Bulgarian and Czech citizens being held at night at airports and transferred to immigration deportation centers.

German citizens would also have ended up in the same situations. A spokesperson for the German Embassy in the UK said: ‘The embassy is aware of a low number one of cases of German citizens who were temporarily detained at the airport upon arrival. Concerned persons, who as a reason for entry au pairWork, they were allowed to leave after a few hours on condition that they leave the UK within a few days.

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