‘Come hard with us’: Tiktokkers provide assistance to women who want an abortion in the US

Posts appear on Tiktok and Twitter discreetly advising women seeking abortions, calling on privacy experts to remove menstrual apps and Washington Post Tell us how you can safely search for information without “leaving a digital trail”.

“If anyone needs a lift to get to the ‘Safe Camps’ status, get in, I’ll drive.” Similar crypto posts have been circulating on Tiktok since the destruction of Roe v. Wade. With this said, Tiktok users who live in states where the right to abortion is still protected, would like to view their home as a safe place for women who can no longer have an abortion in their state. The posts appear under the hashtag #wegodowntogether and #ifwegodownthenwegodownt together and have since garnered over 20 million views.

The Supreme Court on Friday overturned a landmark nearly 50-year-old ruling protecting the constitutional right to abortion in the United States. This means that individual states can now decide whether to restrict or prohibit abortion. According to the Guttmacher Institute, following the Supreme Court ruling, 26 states will “definitely or likely prohibit abortion.”

The ruling sparked a trend on social media where people living in states where abortion would remain legal present their homes as a “safe place”. For example, userconfidentiallykatie wrote: “I live 90 minutes from the US border in Niagara Falls and the vineyards. My four sisters and I would like to come with you to ‘wine tasting’, ‘wine tasting’, ‘camping’, ‘getting away from it all’ and ‘” Visiting family” and more code words used on social media to describe abortion. For example, another woman wrote on Tiktok: “Camping season in Pennsylvania is 24 weeks,” referring to the number of weeks of pregnancy that abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania. .

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Additionally, there are calls to remove apps like Flo and Clue, which track your menstrual cycle, because app data is shared with third parties. “Use pen and paper,” he said on Twitter. Legal experts say the information you leave could be used against you in states where assisting or performing an abortion is illegal The Wall Street Journal.

A Google search for abortion pills or a text message about termination of pregnancy can be seen as ‘sources of evidence’, he writes Washington Post In an article about Everything you need to know to keep your information safe when researching an abortion

“When discussing your situation, use messaging apps that use encryption,” is one of the nine tips published by the newspaper.

“In some cases, police forces extract data from license plate readers or facial recognition software systems strategically placed along state lines. If you need reproductive services, consider using alternative transportation instead of your own vehicle,” he explained. In the last tip.

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