“Concerned” Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to investigate the police crackdown on the vigil of a murdered woman

Cressida Dick, The Met Chair says she has no intention of resigning. Some politicians asked for it yesterday. She also wants to conduct a quiet investigation into what happened on Saturday and defends the way the police dealt with a large group of people.

“I didn’t want the Sarah memorial to end this way,” she said in a message on Twitter. “As a woman, I understand the stories, and I understand why so many people want to come and pay their respects. Most of the day they come to the site of the monument and follow the procedures.” Unfortunately, later on we had a whole bunch of people along with the sermons. As far as I can tell, my team truly believed this was a huge risk to all of those in attendance. ”

“Officers have to make really difficult decisions and I don’t think anyone should sit in their seat and say, Well, that was handled poorly. From “I would have done it differently.”“The killing of Everard makes her more determined to lead the Metropolitan Police,” she told the BBC.

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