Former millionaire’s nuclear bunker discovered: Urban explorers explore every corner of a giant maze | The best thing about the web

Lost Adventures, a team of urban explorers, traced the location of an abandoned nuclear bunker in the United Kingdom via Google Maps. The bunker is said to be owned by the late millionaire and cartoonist David Wood. Urbexers entered the bunker and made some attractive pictures.

Excellent covered bed, shelves full of security, communication devices, medicines and Nick-Knox Mountains. David Wood was clearly ready for an apocalypse. The former millionaire, who made a lot of money from making cards and writing books, died in 2012 and his bunker was abandoned.

The intricate layout of the rooms makes it one of the UK’s biggest fall shelters. Lost Adventures found the location via Google Maps and entered the bunker. In addition to the many rarities they depicted, more than 10,000 copies were found Genesis, A book written by David Wood himself.

The team did not publish the exact location to prevent children from getting caught in it. It is well insulated so that you do not have mobile phone coverage inside.

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