Confidence in Navalny’s health deteriorates …

The health of Kremlin critic Alexje Navalny, who is imprisoned in a concentration camp, has significantly deteriorated, according to those close to it.

“Navalny has been suffering from severe back pain since the end of last week,” says his close aide Leonid Volkov and his lawyer, Olga Mikhailova. The 44-year-old opposition leader said he has had symptoms of paralysis in one of his legs since Tuesday and can no longer get up.

A neurologist managed to see Navalny but did not diagnose him. Despite the pain, the opponent was given two anti-inflammatory ibuprofen pills, and that didn’t help. Another Navalny employee, Maria Pevstjek, said his life was in danger.

In addition, a meeting with his lawyer, which was to take place on Wednesday, has been canceled. According to Volkov, this may mask the fact that Navalny may have been taken to the prison hospital bay. The opponent is “the personal prisoner, the personal hostage of President Vladimir Putin, a dangerous and insane killer,” Volkov wrote. Vladimir Putin bears personal responsibility for the life and health of Alexei Navalny in Pokrov’s torture colony.


After an assassination attempt with a novichok nerve agent, Navalny received treatment in Germany. When he returned to Moscow on January 17, he was arrested on the spot. Shortly thereafter, a court sentenced him to 2.5 years in prison for failing to comply with the terms in another criminal case. He is serving that sentence in a penal colony in Pokrov, about 100 kilometers east of Moscow.

at Instagram messageNavalny recorded, during a visit by his lawyers last week, that he described the prison serving his sentence as “a true concentration camp 100 kilometers from Moscow.” “There are video cameras everywhere, they are monitoring everyone and reporting the fewest violations,” Navalny said in the message. “I think someone high in the hierarchy read Orwell’s 1984 book.” At night, Navalny says he wakes up every hour because, according to authorities, he could pose a flying hazard.

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