Confusion and confusion about suspending vaccinations: “I hear a lot of disappointment and disappointment”

Blurred trumps, therefore. In any case, it is clear that the vaccination strategy, which was announced with great fanfare last week, must be revised. “I hear a lot of disappointment. I hear a lot of disappointment,” Chloet said. She advocates realistic vaccination planning based on what is effectively available, not on what was promised at births. “Please don’t let us advertise policy.”

Infectionist Stephen Callens of the University Hospital in Ghent has also been notified of the suspension of vaccinations. “I can assure you that this has hit the health workers very hard,” he says in “To the point”.

“All regions should review their vaccination plans,” said French-speaking Sabine Stordor, spokesperson for the vaccination task force at the French-speaking RTBF. The Flemish Agency confirms tonight that “the Welfare and Health Agency must completely review the planned planning again.” “New consultations are scheduled with hospital centers tomorrow to assess the number of vaccines that can be administered and when in hospitals based on the information then available on Pfizer’s deliveries.”

“The planned vaccinations of the residents of residential care centers should be guaranteed as much as possible,” the vaccination squad said. “It remains a priority.”

Watch a clip below from our conversation with Stephen Callins on “Terzake” and read the video below:

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