[Connect & Learn] Daria Krivonos (CIFS): How do you plan for an unattainable future?

Why do we think of flying cars when we talk about the future, when in fact the future brings unimaginable pandemics and inflationary crises? Daria Krivonos (Sevs) tells us how you can plan for the unthinkable.

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As a company, you should always have several scenarios ready. But how do you do that, especially beyond the usual five-year horizon? Daria (Dasha) Krivonos, CEO of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures, described the most important prospects and pitfalls in her much-discussed keynotes at the RetailDetail and Retail Captains Conference.

In her stimulating presentations, she takes attendees along 15 major trends, such as tectonic plates that push societies, people, businesses, and governments in certain directions. Because scenario planning is not science fiction or a crystal ball, it is a tool and structure that allows critical decisions about the future to be made based on ideas, not intuition.

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