Melania Trump is under fire for the outfit she wore to the memorial service for former First Lady Rosalynn Carter outside

Melania Trump received a lot of criticism for the outfit she wore yesterday to the memorial service for former First Lady Rosalynn Carter (96 years old), who died on November 19. All living First Ladies were in attendance and dressed in black for the occasion. Except for Melania.

Current First Lady Jill Biden and former First Ladies Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton all attended the church in Atlanta where the service was held. President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton also sat in the front row. But it was Melania who began to attract attention. Not only because she had rarely appeared in public since she left the White House, but also – and especially – because, unlike other attendees, she was not wearing black, but rather a light gray abaya.

Melania Trump sits far left at Rosalynn Carter’s memorial service. © RV

She was criticized on social media. “All but one living former First Lady is wearing black at Rosalynn Carter’s memorial service today. Can you guess who?” He said contemptuously.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — a former friend and advisor to Melania Trump and author of a biography of the former first lady — also criticized X. “Melania Trump knew every time she appeared in public that a picture is worth a thousand words,” she said. This time it’s no different! Instead of treating her appearance with dignity and modesty, she used this service as a modeling platform.”

The Carter family was quick to say that Melania behaved very kindly towards them, even though her husband, Donald Trump, regularly clashed with former President Jimmy Carter. And she seemed happy to be there. “She said nice things about my mother and thanked us for inviting us,” son Chip Carter said, according to the Washington Post.

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According to the Carter family, there was “no awkwardness” between Melania Trump and the other first ladies when they appeared together at church and sat next to each other. However, images from the service seem to show otherwise. The women barely spared each other a glance or a smile and made every effort to stare straight ahead the entire time.

She ignores

Melania sat to the far left of Michelle Obama, but the two women seemed to be completely ignoring each other and did not exchange a single word. Obama even seemed to be leaning as far away from Trump as possible.

According to her family, Rosalynn Carter wanted all of the first ladies to be present at her memorial service, including Melania Trump. She expressed her hope that the first ladies would show a sign of solidarity at a time of great division in the United States.

A frail-looking Jimmy Carter (99 years old) is present at the memorial service for his wife Rosalynn

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