Nicholas again weakened by a tropical storm, half a million …

Hurricane Nicholas reached the US mainland in southern Texas on Tuesday morning, but was already weakened by a tropical storm. It will continue to rain heavily in the coming hours and days, which means that there is a real risk of flooding.

Tropical Storm Nicholas strengthened over the Gulf of Mexico into a Category 1 hurricane, reaching the Texas coast by 5:30 a.m. local time. The hurricane has since weakened into a tropical storm, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Although there are still warnings about heavy rain and thunderstorms that Nicholas brings. A wind speed of 110 kilometers per hour was observed. More than half a million households are currently without electricity. It is not yet clear if there were any injuries.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already urged residents to heed warnings from local authorities. The risk of flooding is very high as Nicholas moves slowly. Heavy rain is also expected in the coming days.

The mayor of Houston also asked people to stay away and take precautions. The area was largely devastated four years ago by Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane that killed 68 people.

The hurricane’s path also takes to neighboring Louisiana, which is still clearing debris from Hurricane Ida, which passed two weeks ago. 28 deaths were counted. Governor John Bel Edwards once again declared a state of emergency.

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