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The controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline is being filled with natural gas for the first time. This was reported by the operator Nord Stream 2 AG. The pipeline must be filled for the first time before the start of gas transportation between Russia and Germany. The company has not announced when the pipeline will actually start operating.

According to the operator, the pipeline is gradually filling up so that we can carry out technical tests at a later time. Tests were also conducted in the past to ensure the integrity of the pipeline.

There is still action currently with the German energy regulator regarding authorization for the pipeline. Until this procedure is completed, transportation of natural gas may not start and the German regulator can impose fines. The agency has until January to make a decision.

Experts predict that the gas could be transported via the new pipeline across the Baltic and Baltic Seas as early as October. Russia’s gas producer Gazprom wants to transport 5.6 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe this year, possibly initially via one of two pipelines.

The 1,230-kilometer pipeline is expected to bring 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to the European Union each year, supplying 26 million homes.

Nord Stream 2 is controversial. Critics believe that this will not only give Russia more power over Europe, but also put countries like Ukraine and Poland under pressure. Existing gas pipelines pass through those countries and receive compensation for the gas transported.

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Diplomatic tensions, particularly with the United States, delayed the project that was due to be completed in 2019. The United States imposed sanctions on companies collaborating with Nord Stream 2.

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