Coolblue will be recalling 600 (!) PS5s

There seems to be no limit to PlayStation 5 at the momentdrought. Due to the huge shortage of chips, Sony is having the greatest difficulty possible in meeting the massive demand. For players, this means joining queues and waiting for their turn. Fortunately, Coolblue now gives you the opportunity to get up and running early.

The large online store deviates from the standard method. Most stores have waiting lists. Once a new batch of PlayStation 5 consoles arrives, players who have been in line the longest will get a chance to get the PS5. Fair enough, but also annoying if it’s not your turn yet. To give all players the same chance, Coolblue is now launching a lottery.

You have a chance to buy a PlayStation 5

Just to be clear: It’s not a lottery to win a PlayStation 5. If you’re selected, you’ll get a chance to buy a PS5. So you win a place at the front of the line. In the end, Coolblue 600 will make a happy winner with the opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5. Who would have expected this to be a prize people would like to win.

If you don’t have a PlayStation 5 yet and you don’t have your turn anywhere at the moment, sharing is definitely a good idea. You don’t have to do anything for that. The only conditions are to download and sign up for the Coolblue app and go to the PlayStation 5 product page to click the Sign me button.

This is how you win at Coolblue

If you do, you can receive a nice phone call on Thursday (24 June). Coolblue will contact the winners by phone that day. You can sign up until the same day, provided you have completed the above steps before 10:00.

Sony chooses a new strategy and will sell the PlayStation 5 itself

Of course there are also a number of rules in this PlayStation 5 lottery from Coolblue. As a winner, you can order a maximum of one PS5, and that may not be a separate console. So you are obligated to order a controller + accessory. Now this is definitely not a problem, because of course the additional controller is never annoying. More about this lottery from Coolblue You read here.

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Buy PlayStation 5 on

If you didn’t get a call from Coolblue on Thursday and you’re not at the front of the queue at other stores too? Then is your best friend. This is one of the few stores where the console is sometimes available to everyone again. However, you have to be very fast, so we recommend you To register here. You will then be notified when your PlayStation 5 is back in stock.

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PlayStation 5 Hunters Attention: Coolblue Will Pull 600 (!) PS5s

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