Coronablock: Prime Minister de Crowe gets first jab: “Quick back free life”

Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe (Open VLT) received his first vaccine shot this morning at the vaccination center in Sotheby’s. Pfizer says he was vaccinated and felt better after the first injection. Cain Hutsey, who has been a nurse for many years at a residential care center in Brooklyn, is now retired and volunteering at a vaccination center. De Crew thanked him and all the staff who run the centers.

“We all want to be safe. More people are being vaccinated so that life can be restored quickly, even to those who have not been vaccinated, for example young people,” the prime minister said. “From July and August we will be allowed to do a lot more, and thank those who are allowed to be vaccinated will respond.”

De Crew also understands people who postpone the second vaccination due to holiday plans. “Vaccination is a priority, but I understand that sometimes people can not plan their vacation differently, for professional reasons, for example. In any case there is no barrier to travel because you can travel safely based on a negative PCR test.”

Here’s how the Prime Minister got his vaccine and how he views summer:

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