Coronation of Charles III at VTM | Coronation of Charles III

RoyaltyOn Saturday, May 6, Charles will officially be crowned King of the United Kingdom. If you don’t want to miss a second of this historic event, you can watch VTM throughout the day.

May 6th is about Charles’ coronation at VTM. There are additional broadcasts of ‘VTM NEWS’ at 8am and 9am, with Steph Waters closely following the latest productions. You can watch the coronation live from 10 am. The event will begin at Buckingham Palace before marching through the streets of London towards Westminster Abbey. There, ‘VTM NEWS’ presenter Birgit Herteleer and Royalty Monitor Wim Dehandschieter follow all events closely. Correspondent Eva Peters reports on the course in London and in the studio Steph Waters is joined by British royal family insider Jo de Poorter.

As an exception, the 1 pm news will also be broadcast only around 2 pm after the ceremony. After the afternoon news, VTM immediately returns to London for the highlight of the day: Charles III greeting his people as king for the first time from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

‘Charles III, The Coronation’. Saturday 6th May from 8:00am at VTM

And an additional message

VRT NWS is bringing the entire coronation of the British monarch on Saturday 6 May in an additional newscast from 9.30am to 3.30pm on Eén, and VRT MAX in the balcony view.

Host Goedele Wachters and royalty experts Flip Feyten and Cathérine Vandoorne guide the viewer through the day, explaining the various stages, rituals and details of ‘The Coronation’ from the newsreel studio. VRT journalists Ivan Ollevier and Lauwke Vandendriessche follow the coronation in London and report how the British experience the coronation. Evan Olivier lives in Westminster Abbey and Lavck travels to the city to follow it all on the big screens.

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