Moonpig expects consolidated revenue growth in the single to high digits for the fiscal year

Moonbig Group plc is a UK-based company that operates an online platform for greeting cards and gifts. The company includes the Moonpig brand in the UK and the Greetz brand in the Netherlands. It offers over 27,000 cards, an extensive range of gifts, customization options and next-day delivery. The Company operates in two reportable segments: Moonbig and Greets. The company categorizes its products by function, which means the company identifies the primary recipients and occasions when customers visit its site. The range includes cards for seasonal events and everyday events, as well as cards with varying degrees of personalisation. It offers a wide range of gift items including flowers, chocolates, alcohol, balloons, personalized mugs, beauty products, candles, books, entertainment products, games and stuffed animals. The company offers personalized gifts such as personalized mugs and t-shirts in the UK and the Netherlands.

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