Netflix gives YouTube a head start, so you’ll soon fail

YouTube is planning an unpopular move, following in the footsteps of Netflix. This streaming service has recently taken several unpopular measures to increase revenue.

If you are bored, sometimes you don’t want to watch series like Weird things or Squid game on Netflix. Then YouTube is the perfect alternative. But what immediately stands out are the countless commercials the company shoots at you. There are now more than normal TV channels like RTL and SBS.

Ads on YouTube

So it is not surprising that many YouTubers have an ad blocker enabled. This ensures that the ads on the platform are automatically skipped. However, this goes against the painful part for parent company Google, because they are losing revenue and so they now want to do something about it.

Google is testing various options for showing ads to users on YouTube. However, there is a method that is so rigorous that it is reminiscent of the measures that Netflix announced recently.

You may have received an email from Netflix sometime in the past few weeks. In it, the streaming service announces that sharing an account is no longer allowed. If you do this anyway, the streaming service can ban your account.

Google is going after Netflix

Google is now testing a similar tactic for Netflix. Many users see a popup when they use an ad blocker. It says: “The video player will be blocked after three videos.” So if you get caught three times by Google, you won’t be able to use YouTube anymore.

Netflix gives YouTube a head start, so you'll soon fail
Some ad blocker users see this. (photo: YouTube)

As mentioned, this is still a test and only a few users will see this screen. So you may not have noticed it yet. However, YouTube will likely continue to post that. For example, Netflix has done the same thing with people who share their accounts.

By the way, there are two more ways to enjoy YouTube without ads. This requires you to purchase a Premium or Premium Light subscription. The first costs 11.99 euros per month. This gives you the option to download videos and play them in the background, even if you’re using another app at the same time, for example. You can also access YouTube Music, which allows you to stream music like Spotify.

Tired of commercials and don’t need any addons? Then there is the Lite plan. You will pay 6.99 euros for this.

Netflix introduces an unpopular action after blocking password sharing

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Netflix gives YouTube a head start, so you’ll soon fail

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