3 apps to help you stay productive

Do you find it difficult to stay productive, but still have a lot of work to do? Your smartphone is often a distraction, but it can also help you increase your productivity. There is an interesting collection of apps that you can download. This is very useful, especially on sunny days like today. Because we all really want to be free, right? Since it’s been going to be sunny for a while, you have to believe it. Find a great place and download a handy app if you’re struggling to stay productive!

Apps that help you stay productive

Finding it difficult to keep track of how much work is still waiting for you? Then, this productivity app can give you a little boost that you can use aggressively right now. The entry level application is usually free. If you want more options, you have to pay, but we are used to that now. We have listed 3 useful apps for you.

1. Tiimo

Tiimo, actually with double i, is a handy app that helps you organize all kinds of tasks intelligently. The app gets very good reviews from users and looks acceptable. The eye also wants something. Tiimo focuses on the goals you set for yourself and all the tasks you want to do in one day. From personal appointments to work, your shopping list and groceries for home. You can create checklists, download widgets, and customize the app to make it work for you. The app can remove a lot of turmoil, because you can really lose everything in it. This gives you peace of mind to continue working without inconvenience and ensures that you don’t forget anything. Tiimo is also suitable for people with ADHD and a form of autism and this was specifically taken into account in the design.

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You can try Tiimo for free for 14 days, after which the app costs €20 per year or €3.99 per month. Available in Application Angle On google apps.

2. Jungle

The Forest app is an old acquaintance, but it works great if you want to work on tasks without being bothered. This simple application displays a tree on your screen. Before starting a task, decide how long you will be working continuously. Set a realistic goal and start achieving it! You cannot use your phone while doing your task, whether it is learning, working or exercising. In the meantime, a small tree is growing on your screen.

Can’t resist the temptation and still open your mail/WhatsApp or Instagram? Then your tree dies and you don’t want that because of course your goal is to create a huge forest. An added bonus: With the points you collect for doing your best, you can grow real trees. You can customize everything and you can also use Forest with friends. This way, you can catch up without being bothered without always tempted to pick up your phone.

The forest costs €2.29 once and can be found at Application Angle On google apps.

3. Trello

A very nice and well known application that you can use in many ways. Moreover, with the free version, you will go a long way and you will not have to pay unless you have specific desires. It is a fairly simple app, which you can use on your smartphone as well as on the app and on your desktop. Trello is a 2.0 bulletin board. You start with a blank canvas and “knock” on it all kinds of tasks, clients, and projects. You do it your way until it works for you. Plus, it’s perfect when you’re working with a team: you can track project status, share documents, and assign tasks.

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If you have lost track of your work, you should start using this free tool today. Create and implement instant checklists so you don’t forget anything.

Trello is free! You can make in-app purchases whenever you need them. Download Trello in . format Application Angleand the google apps From the beginning desktop.

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