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Managing Director Marie Obseth found it very remarkable that Motilacin Elverum had received NOK 270,000 from the Norwegian Directorate of Health for the “Dinner Meet – Across Generations” project.

Think how comfortable it is to be able to meet around food, get to know each other, and maybe even bond? The Norwegian Directorate of Public Health liked our idea and awarded Møteplassen Elverum NOK 270,000, Opseth says.

It says meals will be served at Møteplassen, and the plan will be jointly with the deacon at Elverum. Show starts in the fall.

Offers for many

– I can imagine that different groups can take advantage of the offer. For example, elderly people who live at home, who are often alone and feel lonely. Or families with young children busy their daily lives with activities, work, meetings and more. You can meet others for a nutritious and affordable daily meal in a relaxed atmosphere before having to engage in other activities, Opseth says.

After receiving the idea, I applied for a grant from Spisevenner, under the direction of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, that would contribute to what the government calls golden meal moments.

It should stimulate the enjoyment of food

Golden Meal Moments aims to stimulate the enjoyment of food and provide better food. In addition, the project puts high-quality nutritional care on the agenda of the municipalities. I called my project “Dinner Party – Across Generations”. We want to be able to blend families with children, students and other young people who don’t have grandparents or older acquaintances with older people. Many older people also lose touch with younger people. Older and younger people, regardless of age, have a lot to add to each other. Children bring joy to the elderly and young people can experience the life experience of the elderly. One can establish good relations. Obseth says this can help combat malnutrition, and can give you a lot to look forward to.

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