‘Series 8 and the upcoming Pro Model’

Apple Watch Series 7 Edition is sold in some countries through the official Apple website. Is this a harbinger of the new 8 and Pro models? Read more in this article.

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Apple Watch Series 7 is sold in some countries

It is only expected to last for one month. In September, we expect to see a whole new range of products from Apple. In the run-up to this event (not yet announced), the Apple Watch Series 7 The release was sold in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

As the Apple Watch Series 7 Edition goes on sale, we are eagerly awaiting the Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro. The latter is rumored to be the first Pro model of the Apple smartwatch line. Read more in this article.

Apple Watch Series 7 Edition Out of Stock

On the official Apple website, most models of the Apple Watch Series 7 Edition are now sold out. This is the more expensive version of the “regular” Apple Watch in gold or ceramic. Under the hood is the same device.

Only the 45mm version of this Series 7 version is still available in the above countries. However, for the majority, we see a message that the Apple Watch is “currently not available” in these countries. Is Apple Watch Series 7 Shrinking Stock a Precursor to the New Watch Apple Watch Series 8 And the first Apple Watch Pro?

Rumor: Apple Watch Pro will be released soon

To make room for the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro, it appears that Apple has put the production Apple Watch Series 7 Edition on the back burner. The 8 Series appears to be a slight improvement over its predecessor. There are rumors that this even You will get the same chip.

We’re even more excited about the Pro model of the popular Apple smartwatch. This Apple Watch Pro is built for extreme sports with a more robust design and can make your version model outdated.

Apple Watch Series 7 8

Apple Watch Pro: a very long sport

Some details about the Apple Watch Pro have already been leaked. The Apple Watch Pro should cost no less than $900, according to Apple analyst Mark Gurman. For this money you also get bigger screen So Apple could also put a bigger battery in the model. So you can (hopefully) run a really long distance without this smartwatch letting you down.

In addition, like the Apple Watch version, this watch will be made of titanium, which makes it more durable than Apple watches made of aluminum and stainless steel. So it doesn’t make sense for the Apple Watch Series 7 to give way to other premium models like the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Pro.

Of course, the Apple Watch Pro will also feature the new body temperature sensor. We expect to see this also on the new Apple Watch Series 8. This function mainly aims to help women know their fertile days. On the other hand, we also hear rumors that this feature will tell you If you have a fever.

Apple Watch Series 7 8

When will Apple release a new Apple Watch?

Apple is likely to introduce the new Apple Watch line in September. Around this time, we’re also expecting the new iPhone 14 line. Most likely, Apple will call the new Apple Watch “Pro” to match the other models. We see this name already in MacBook ProAnd the iPad Pro And the AirPods Pro.

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