Fighting intensifies in Kherson: More civilians flee | Abroad

More residents of Kherson, Ukraine, will try to flee in the coming days. This was reported by British intelligence services. Because the battle is getting fiercer in the area, there is also less food and drink available.

According to the British, the Russian troops could no longer use an important train line. It was destroyed by a Ukrainian attack. The Russians are likely to repair the connection quickly, but it remains a weak point in the Russian army’s supply route, according to British intelligence.

Yesterday, three other civilians were killed while trying to flee from the Kherson region. They were killed when Russian soldiers fired mortars at the evacuation bus.

Fighting continues around the town of Bashmoet in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region. “The enemy is mainly focused on this area,” the Ukrainian General Staff said.

According to Kyiv, there was Russian artillery fire on the settlements south of Bashmoet. “The aim was to repel our units, but the Russian attacks were partially repelled,” she added. The information has not been independently confirmed.

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