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A young woman from Hertfordshire, UK, for a moment thought she had Standard pot of 210 million euros After EuroMillions tied late last month. The numbers it had been playing with for weeks turned out to be the winning combination on Friday, February 26th. However, the euphoria had to quickly give way to disappointment when it turned out that something went wrong with the push that she didn’t even play that toss. The UK National Lottery now wishes the girl “good luck in a future raffle”.

For five straight weeks, 19-year-old Rachel Kennedy took her chance in the EuroMillions drawing game, always with the same seven numbers. After several weeks of no first-division winner, the pot went down on Friday, February 26th. The winning numbers, 6, 12, 22, 29, 33, and the stars 6 and 11, match the numbers of British youth. On the British National Lottery app, Rachel got a “winning set” message to read. To the delight, she called her mother and friend in the room, announcing that she had won the big bowl. Only when she called the national lottery did it become clear that something had gone wrong and that she missed the jackpot.

In order not to miss the draw, the student created an ongoing running assignment in the app, but it turned out that she didn’t have enough money in her gaming account to participate on February 26th. Because she said that she was too busy with her college studies, Rachel did not notice at all that her post was not successful.

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Her boyfriend Liam shared his frustration on Twitter, after which the story went viral in British media. Rachel says she was over the moon and “high” when she thought she won, although she adds that her boyfriend was even more disappointed than she was when it turned out she wasn’t. “She was very quiet about it, but I actually spent the money in mind,” says Liam.

105 million

For Rachel William, this may be a meager consolation, but in the end they did not reach 210 million euros, they would have won only 105 million euros. A Swiss person successfully filled in the same numbers and turned out to be the only first-ranked winner. This means if Rachel had participated, they would have to share $ 210 million.

Meanwhile, the British National Lottery responded to the story. “We wish her good luck in future raffles, and we hope that she will buy a lottery ticket at the appropriate time in the future,” the spokeswoman said.

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