Cranji expands the Belgians in the PDC: Ronnie Huybrechts and Robbie Knops triumph on the round card | Darts

For those who haven’t realized it yet: Belgian arrows are on the rise. Next year, for the first time, 7 Belgians will be active in the PDC, the most important darts organization in the world. Kim’s brother, Ronnie Hubrechts, and Robbie Nobbs earned a tour card for the next two seasons at the tough Q school.

After a week of struggling in the tough Q-School, the PDC’s qualifying competition, tickets for the tour for the next two seasons were handed out. With the Belgian success, because Ronnie Huybrechts and Robbie Knops managed to win the entry ticket.

Huybrechts, Kim’s now 57-year-old brother, played at a high level all week. With last place on Thursday and later in the semi-finals, he collected enough points to join the top ten players in the European division. “Rebel” will soon return to the highest level.

Huybrechts made his PDC debut in 2012 and has been to the World Cup five times. In 2013, he reached the semi-finals at the European Championships, his best performance in a major tournament. He also participated with Brother Kim in the World Cup several times. In 2013, the Huybrechts brothers lost the final.

Knobs also sets the same

On Sunday, Robbie Nobbs also managed to secure an Extreme Situations tour card. Knops made it to the quarter-finals today and thus had enough points to win a tour card. Knops is still steaming and also won a championship today.

For example, Knops, nicknamed “The Saiyan”, will make his PDC debut at the age of 40. It was a bit of a surprise, because experienced Knops were unable to win major international titles on the amateur circuit.

With Huybrechts and Knops, the circle of Belgians in the PDC is expanding again. This year, six Belgians have been active in the PDC: Dimitri van den Bergh, Kim Heberchts, Mike De Decker, Mario Vandenbogerde, Brian Raman and Geert de Vos. The latter lost his tourist card this year and decided not to participate in Q-School.

What is Q-School and what is a Tourist Card?

If you would like a spot on the PDC tour, make sure you have one tour card. Every year there are 128 players who hold such a card. But the tourist map Only two cents righteousthen it expires.

Those whose tourist card expires can keep their place in the PDC in two ways. By being in the world’s top 64 – like Van den Bergh, Huybrechts and De Decker – or by beating a dreaded Q-School tour card.

that Q-School It is an open qualifying tournament in which anyone can participate. Entrance ticket costs £450. Q-School consists of two leagues: one for players from the UK and one for the rest of the world.

Tickets for the tour are finally distributed through a complex, phased qualification system. The top ten finalists in the final stage are guaranteed a round card, as do the four tournament winners in the final stage.

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