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celebritiesWithin a few days, Johnny Depp, 59, had become a small fortune thanks to some of his artworks being sold. These are limited editions of colorful prints of, among others, reggae singer Bob Marley and actors Heath Ledger and River Phoenix. The sale through London’s Castle Fine Art gallery fetched more than €5 million.

Insiders know that besides being an actor and musician, Johnny Depp is also a talented artist. And it’s fortunate that Depp is multi-talented, because after the sensational lawsuit against his ex Amber Heard, he was blacklisted by several film companies. Fortunately, the actor is good at his art. He sells his pictures with the famous faces of Hollywood legends for £4,500 each, which is about €5,000. Or £17,500 for the full set of four, a mere £20,000. A spokesperson for the London Gallery said yesterday that it is almost all out of print. All good for an estimated £4.5m (€5m) in revenue.

It’s also Johnny Depp’s second show in a few months. His first series of photos of Bob Dylan, Al Pacino, and Keith Richards (of the Rolling Stones), among others, appeared out the door in the middle of last year. This means that Depp earned more than £8 million (€9 million) from his art last year. “I think it’s great that so many people are interested in my work – my art – apart from my daily work,” Depp said in response to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. He has recently spent more time in Europe and the UK than in the US, as he is “more inspired by the environment” there.

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Return to the screen

It looks like Depp, who won the lawsuit with Amber Heard, may soon be able to resume his work as an actor. “Pirates of the Caribbean” producer Jerry Bruckheimer would love to see him return as Jack Sparrow. He said this in an interview last weekend. In addition, Depp is filming a film about the life of King Louis XV, and has signed on to direct a biopic on the life of Italian artist Modigliani.

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