Hurricane leaves US airport in ruins | the pictures

Part of Eppley Airport, the airport in Omaha, Nebraska, was destroyed by a tornado last week. The station also had to be evacuated.

The airport was closed on Friday X It is known to be closed to all air traffic due to inclement weather and tornado risk. The passengers who were in the terminal at that time were transferred to special shelters. When the danger was over, they were able to leave their hiding places. It slowly became clear that this natural phenomenon was causing serious damage to the airport.

The station was saved. Small hangars on the eastern side of the airport site were less fortunate. Photographs show that only a small portion of the barn remains standing. Dozens of destroyed and severely damaged aircraft are scattered across the site. “Our thoughts are with the aircraft owners who suffered extensive damage to their aircraft from Friday’s tornado at Eppley Airport. We are working individually with the tenants of the damaged hangar to recover their aircraft,” the airport wrote on social media.

Tornadoes often cause damage to aircraft or buildings at airports. During a storm in 2019, containers and loose parts were dumped at Memphis International Airport, ultimately causing severe damage to a UPS Boeing 757-200. The plane's bridge also suffered.

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