Crevits promotes information and awareness about monkeypox virus

Anyone who has questions or would like information about the monkeypox virus can now call the toll-free 1700 information line. There will also be targeted awareness campaigns during Antwerp Pride. Flemish Minister for Welfare and Public Health Hilde Krewitz (CD&V) reported this in a press release on Friday.

According to Crevits, there is currently a lot of concern about the monkeypox virus. For this reason, from now on, people can visit the 1700 information line every weekday between 9am and 7pm for general information about the epidemic or questions about preventive measures, testing and vaccination. This weekend, during Antwerp Pride, there will be an exceptional phone service.

In Antwerp, Sensoa staff will also answer visitors’ questions this weekend and distribute the correct information about the virus. Tickets will be delivered with a QR code that redirects to the website with all the correct information about the virus. Sexual catering workers have also been informed preventively about how to reduce the risk of infection.

Crevits stresses that contact tracing will also continue across the Health and Welfare Agency. It invites infected people to share their contacts as much as possible. If you prefer not to do this over the phone, you can do so anonymously via

There is absolutely no reason to panic at this point, nor is there a risk of transmission, for example, of partying together. The CD&V Minister stresses that it is important to keep people well informed. According to the latest figures from Sciensano, there are currently about 546 confirmed cases in our country, including one woman.

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