Norway is considering euthanasia for walrus Freya because visitors are too close

Walrus Freya’s popularity begins to elude her. Visitors are so interested in walruses that like to rest on boats in Oslo harbor that it can endanger the animal. Authorities are considering euthanasia.

Images of the young female walrus have already been circulated around the world. She crossed the Mediagenic in the Dutch Wadden Sea in October, and after voyages to Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom, she arrived in Norway in June. And she causes a lot of trouble there. This 600 kilogram animal is very fond of sunbathing and chooses small boats as a resting place. Due to this the boats were damaged and many have already sunk.

Boat owners would rather lose Freya than get rich, but that doesn’t mean the animal doesn’t have a fan base. Officials have repeatedly warned the public to keep a safe distance from walruses, but curious people keep getting closer. “Irresponsible behavior by the public and failure to follow the recommendations of the authorities can put lives at risk,” said Nadia Zataini, spokeswoman for the fisheries body. “We are now exploring other measures, and euthanasia may be a real alternative.”

“His condition has clearly deteriorated,” Jdaini said. “The walrus is not getting enough rest, and the experts we have just consulted suspect the animal is under stress.”



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