Criticism of “anarchist” vaccination in the Netherlands: a long wait …

People over the age of 90 who have been vaccinated in vaccination tents in the Netherlands often have to queue for this. De Telegraaf wrote abroad, in the cold. “It’s not really possible for this target group,” criticized the family members who joined yesterday. Meanwhile, they are asked not to show up too early.

“It’s a mess,” said a man on the waiting list who pushed his 92-year-old mother from Alkmaar across the scene in a wheelchair. “It’s really not possible for this target group, given their generally decrepit ages. It’s a very poor performance.” He describes it as “sad and sad” that the elderly have to endure the cold and rain for a period of time before they can stand under an umbrella and get in. “Some seats are in line so some people can rest for a while. Five feet? Forget that. It’s messy and mind-boggling.”

It was also occupied on Wednesday for the vaccination site at Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. “It looked like a zigzag row in a crowded amusement park,” Angelica Thilison told BN De Stem, who came to receive an injection with her 93-year-old mother. “The elderly are often not that clear. Nobody dared to say anything about it.”

When asked, GGD spokesperson Harry Catstra agrees that she has been “too busy”. “It’s the first day that all eight vaccination lines are open and there is really a crowd of people walking around.” According to him, there is no clearly defined reason for his “appearing” abroad, but a combination of factors. “What our staff noticed is that many elderly people – over 85 and 90 – have a tendency to arrive early and do not always stick to the scheduled times. In practice, it appears that vaccinating elderly people also takes longer than five minutes on average on paper, as it happened. In several locations.

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GGD will look internally at what could be improved. “Because we don’t like this criticism at all,” says Catstra.

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