Crowds on European roads peak due to mass exodus

If you go on vacation by car to catch an infection in Europe, you should take into account heavy traffic and long traffic jams. Touring and VAB organizations warn of this. It’s a red day in Europe. On Saturday afternoon it was very crowded on all roads.

in a France Traffic in the south is very tough, with a peak of 992 kilometers of traffic jams in the afternoon. “Very busy,” says Touring. The biggest problems are in the A10 Paris-Bordeaux and in the Rhône Valley. There is a 55 minute traffic jam in front of the Mont Blanc tunnel.

in a Germany VAB says there is heavy traffic in the south of the country towards Austria and Switzerland. But this is gradually decreasing. In the direction of Denmark, the traffic increased significantly in the last hour.

in a Switzerland There is a 10km traffic jam or a 1 hour and 50 minute delay for the Gotthard Tunnel towards Italy.

in a Austria Traffic jams on the A10 Salzburg-Villach motorway towards Slovenia increased again, with a two-hour traffic jam. You’ll experience this traffic jam again in Karawankentunnel: an extra 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are still traffic jams towards Italy: you have to take into account a 45-minute delay on the B179 Fernpass near Innsbruck.

From Slovenia Towards Austria you also lose an hour at Karawankentunnel.

in a Italy Traffic jams increased in the past hour on the road from the Brenner Pass to Modena. You lose more than 3 hours there.

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