Voetbal Vlaanderen explains all the competitions in amateur football…

After closed sports on Monday, field football was also suspended for an indefinite period. Voetbal Vlaanderen decided on Tuesday to immediately close all amateur competitions. U6 to U17 can continue to play football, and can also follow training matches. Earlier, Flemish Sports Minister Ben Wittes closed all changing rooms.

Voetbal Vlaanderen Chairman Mark van Keren was already skeptical in today’s newspaper about the action taken by Minister Waits. The question is whether it is practical to organize competitions in this way. The weather is getting worse. If then you have to play in the rain, you can not shower or wear warm clothes and you have to drive another 100 km nationally by car … these are not ideal conditions. We will be discussing peacefully with the board of directors tomorrow (today’s editor) whether it still makes sense or whether we should consider stopping the competition.”

So the answer is no. Voetbal Vlaanderen does not believe it is possible to organize matches with the current procedures. Training matches may continue, which is appropriate for clubs still participating in the Croquet Cup. Young people are also spared.

Across language boundaries, Association des Cours Constitutionnelle Francophones follows the example of Flanders. Amateur football in Wallonia will be suspended until 1 November. Just like in Flanders, youngsters are saved until U17.

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