Crowds on Mars: At least three missions arrive on the Red Planet this month

Why does the red planet keep magic

If the three new missions that arrived at Mars this month prove anything, that means the red planet still has mysterious clouds. If you look at Mars, you are looking at some kind of a laughing cosmic mirror. In this inhospitable world next to us, with its vast deserts full of potholes, rocks and dust, you recognize the Earth – albeit slightly distorted.

For centuries, our neighbor’s planet was known only as an attractive red ball in a telescope lens. It was an unknown place, a world that science fiction writers like H.G. Wells could informally fill with intelligent, even hostile aliens. But nearly 120 years later Worlds war In fact, science has reduced the existence of Mars from a controversial hypothesis to a kind of conspiracy theory found only deep in the internet.

In fact, through charming panoramas taken by former US Mars rovers such as Opportunity and Curiosity as they drove across the surface of Mars, humans in the 21st century know the red planet down to the smallest pebble, presented in HD.

“Even today there are still many scientific questions left, puzzles that no one knows the answer to yet,” said astrobiologist Ingie Lewis Tin Kitt (Utrecht University) previously. Mars may have been as blue and habitable as Earth millions of years ago. Was there life before? And what made Mars turn into a desert planet while life flourished on Earth?

These are questions not only related to our neighbors, but also to ourselves for sure. “Anyone who understands the story of Mars will better understand why life has taken hold here.”

And so the new missions leave, and they all talk about the search for life. It makes sense from a publicity standpoint, but it’s a bit overrated, says Ten-Kate. “It’s practically impossible for these missions to find conclusive evidence of past lives,” she says.

Instead, they are looking for a final answer to the previous question. “We hope these missions will be able to determine whether conditions in the past were truly suitable for life.” Perseverance can also find organic molecules, which are the building blocks through which Mother Nature model life on Earth. But the answer to the final question about Mars will also be delayed after the upcoming missions. The Red Planet still holds the best cards to its chest right now.

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