Funk warns of radioactive jewelry and sleep masks against 5G radiation

The Federal Agency for Nuclear Regulation (FANC) warns against radioactive products being sold online for their alleged protection against fifth generation radiation. According to Dutch research, the devices contain naturally radioactive ores and emit ionizing radiation and are potentially harmful to health.

This includes sleeping masks and various jewelry. who – which Writes agency Friday. The law prohibits the sale of products that contain very high levels of natural radioactive substances. However, jewelry can be ordered via Amazon and, for example.

According to Ennis Veneman, a spokesperson for Funk, he told Radio 1 that it is difficult to designate all suppliers of related items. “That’s why we focus on the public, especially now that people are looking for gifts under the Christmas tree for each other.”

Feynman compares tool use with smoking. “It’s a cumulative effect and it’s not in any case good for your health to be in contact with such products.”

The fact that the products in question emit radiation have been tested by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), at the request of Fanc’s Dutch counterpart, the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Authority (ANVS).

Bracelets, necklaces and sleeping mask

On the ANVS website Inspected product photos. Includes bracelets, necklaces and a sleeping mask. The Institute of Health also describes the radiation emitted by the products as “low” and the chance of “negligible” harm to health as a result of their use. “However, long-term health harm cannot be completely ruled out if these products are worn continuously and for an extended period,” the RIVM researchers wrote.

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When substances come into direct contact with the skin for a long time, they can eventually cause tissue and DNA damage. Children are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of ionizing radiation’, according to a Funk report. If you have an “anti-5G product” at home, it’s best to put it “away” and contact the seller, Feynman advises. She stressed that it is not intended to throw tools in household waste, because such harmful substances may not end up in the environment. “You can see it as radioactive waste, which doesn’t belong in the normal trash.”

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