Longest prison sentence to date for Capitol Stormer abroad

Robert Palmer, 54, of the US state of Florida, was sentenced to 63 months in prison for assaulting officers during a stampede on the House of Representatives on January 6. This is more than five years in prison. The man threw, among other things, a fire extinguisher, a wooden board and a pole at the customers, US media reported.

The man would have been given a heavier penalty for initially lying about his actions during the riots. During Friday’s court hearing, Palmer lamented his involvement in the unrest. He said he was “extremely ashamed” of what he had done, the Huffington Post wrote.

He added that he saw a video of himself attacking the police. He told the judge that he had seen the photos “with horror” and that his actions had been “misled” by those in power. It sounded like, “I loved the story of the stolen elections.”

To date, the longest sentence handed down to Capitol Stormers has been 41 months (about 3.5 years). This was imposed, among other things, on the “Kunun Shaman”. Jacob Chansley, who entered the Capitol with horns on his head, a fur hat and topless. With his striking appearance, Chanceley has become one of the most famous symbols of the famous “Attack on Democracy”.

The US court is trying many other supporters of President Donald Trump at the time. They wanted the storm to prevent Parliament from confirming the victory of rival Joe Biden in the presidential election. More than 150 people pleaded guilty.

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