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In Crusader Kings 3, you get the chance to change the course of history just as in the previous Crusader Kings 2. A very broad title in the grand strategy genre, but still too overwhelming for a newcomer.

What is that?

Crusader Kings 3 is the successor to the hugely popular Crusader Kings 2, which is once again all about keeping your lineage alive. You can start as a ruler anywhere in the discovered world and then expand. The smaller you start, the more difficult it is overall to become the ruling monarch of the world. It will take growth from a mere count to the king of years and intrigue.

Time continues to run in Crusader Kings 3, eventually killing the character you start out with and continue fighting as a son, daughter, or other relative. Since every character has capabilities, it is extremely important to invest early in the training of any heirs to the throne. But there is always a risk in the form of family members who are lower on the heritage list. By doing so, you are maneuvering your way through plots, attacks, stupid children, and lots of horrific wars to complete world domination in hopes of being complete for a thousand years. CK3 goes deep into the character’s career choice, giving you the feeling that you’re playing an RPG in part.

Is it something?

Players familiar with this type of grand strategy will undoubtedly know the names Crusader Kings and Paradox. The studio has got it done over the years Immersive Titles were released (think Stelaris, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron, and more recently Imperator: Rome) where each franchise has a specific theme and time period. Everything happens in the Crusader Kings from around AD 800. Later Predecessor Crusader Kings 2 had downloadable content with which to set the start date a little earlier considering Paradox’s tendency to release a list of wash packages even years after release, and very likely also for CK3. It is a pity that some of the elements that work well were not included as standard in the sequel.

For the average veteran CK2, it takes some time to get used to the new aspects and see the new, much better graphics, but for a newcomer, it’s still wildly confusing. Adel Adel: The tutorial that was included as part of the campaign explains the basics well, but then you’re still up to your fate. In reality, the gap between winning a battle and waging a full-scale war is much wider than the tutorial suggests. Add to this that there are many different cultures with their own cultures Incremental at Outs And you realize it might take some time before you master a title like Crusader Kings 3.

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Pros and Cons

+ Much more beautiful than its predecessor

+ Gameplay is smoother than Crusader Kings 2 in terms of performance

+ The number of CK2 DLC parts already included at launch

+ The tutorial was badly needed

+ Special parts Raise points Because armies put a gift from heaven

+ RPG element of characters an asset

The educational program could be more comprehensive / with more different cultures

– Some parts of CK2 DLC must be included directly

Minor annoyances such as difficulty choosing Holdings Because of the angle of the camera

Large archives (sometimes up to 50MB) fill the Steam cloud, which can lead to corrupt saves


Crusader Kings 3 is clearly the new king for fans of grand strategy games. More depth in your characters, more beautiful world to conquer and smoother world flow In play. For a newcomer, there is still a huge mountain to deal with and there are still some small problems to solve, but bearing in mind that the paradox has been in the making for so long!

This review was conducted in collaboration with XGN.

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