Cultuur071, broadcast 12-03-2022: Culture and Knowledge Election Debate, Art in Town Hall, 100 Years of the LAFV and Botanical Illustrations

On the eve of the municipal elections, Gebr. The Nobel Prize takes place in the Leiden Dialogue on Culture and Knowledge. Based on six themes provided by PS | theatre, representatives of all parties eligible to be elected in Leiden will discuss the climate of art and knowledge in our city with each other and with the public. The parties organizing this meeting (Cultuurfonds Leiden, University of Leiden, Leiden and Partners and Leiden Kennisstad) hope that culture makers, students, scholars and all other culture-loving and knowledge-loving residents will vote, in part, on the basis of this debate. Informed and thoughtful next week.

Joque Mulder in conversation with Guido Marchena about the Culture and Knowledge elections debate.

After a major renovation of nearly two and a half years, Leiden Town Hall will be reused this summer. This was a good reason to carefully examine the municipality’s art collection. Jacqueline Pettit notes that a small group of people evaluated which of the approximately 360 artworks would fit a place in the “new” town hall. Unselected artworks are transferred, among others, to Erfgoed Leiden eo, Museum De Lakenhal, University of Leiden, LUMC and Basalt Rehabilitation Centre. Jacqueline is very pleased with the fact that a space for temporary exhibitions will be created in the new meeting room on the ground floor.

Joque Mulder in conversation with Jacqueline Petty about artwork in the renovated City Hall.

The Leiden Association of Amateur Photographers was founded exactly one century ago this year, making it one of the oldest cultural associations in the city. Henriette van der Linden (President of the Association) gives an overview of the myriad activities that will be organized in this jubilee year. Remember, among other things, the photographic walk guided by professional photographers, the 100th Anniversary Book of LAFV and project photographs of centenarians. A special item is the symposium “Photography Meets Science and the City” on June 11, a meeting led by Sacha de Boer, on the importance of photography to science. Boudewijn Swanenburg discusses the eight temporary exhibitions in the shop windows of the former V&D building.

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Jos Nijhof in conversation with Henriette van der Linden and Boudewijn Swanenburg about 100 years of the LAFV.

A scientific botanical illustrator is an illustrator who accurately captures flowers and plants, or parts of them, in a scientifically sound manner. Esmée Winkel serves as a science illustrator for the Naturalis Center for Biodiversity and can also be found regularly at Leiden Hortus Botanicus. It belongs to the absolute world top in its field and has also received many important international awards for this. I recently published a book “Hyacintorchis” about the discovery of a special lizard in the Noordwijk dunes that was never found in the Netherlands.

Jos Nijhof in conversation with Esmée Winkel about botanical illustrations.


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