StreetDance 3D directors come up with a new break-dance movie: Breaking Point

Lounge and street dancers from all over the world must have heard of the British Street Dancefilms. The first movie of 2010 is called Street Dance 3D It was named the highest-grossing British independent film of that year. The directors of this hit movie are now coming out with a similar new movie: breaking point

Good news for all fans Street DanceMovies, because Dania Pasquini and Max Giwa, directors of popular films Street Dance 3D (2010) and its sequel street dance 2 (2013), is coming soon with a new movie about breakdance. This feature film will breaking point It is possibly named after the newly formed dance group from the first movie, which consists of break dancers and ballerinas.

The new film has been described as an “adrenaline-filled and energized dive into the world of break-dancing”. variety

breaking point

Dutchman Nick Tra, the breakdancing we saw in it street dance 2 From 2013, he will also return for the new film and will choreograph the dance scenes. Also appearing in the film are some of the world’s best international break dancers including Kid Karam, Roxy and Jello. HanWay Films handles global distribution of the film, which will go into production in April 2022.

A group of dancers/actors from Street Dance 3D (2010) Starring George Sampson, Season Two Winner british talent (2008) – Source: Christopher Group / Isopix

breaking point It will be the first film in what will become a two-part franchise. The new movie tells the story of two break dance sisters who battle their rivals and each other to reach the World Championships in London, so they can compete with the best break dancers around the world. “If they can overcome their differences and make their mark on this world stage, they can only dream of a trip to the Olympics in 2024,” says the introduction. “Part Two will take us to the appropriate Paris Olympics.”

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breaking point It is produced by Future Artists Entertainment with funding from Sky and Ingenious. Sky, Red Bull Studios, and Future Artists Entertainment developed the script, written by Sally Collette, based on the Rachel Herons story. Sky reserves the rights of the United Kingdom and Germany.

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The new film echoes real life as the 2024 Olympics in Paris will, for the first time, welcome breakdancing as an official Olympic sport.

Matt Williams, Producer and CEO of Future Artists Entertainment, said in a statement:broke down Point It is an opportunity to launch a global dance franchise that brings breakdancing to the mainstream audience. An inside look into the amazing and highly competitive world of breakdance, but at the same time an admittedly human story about two sisters.”

Gabrielle Stewart, CEO of HanWay Films, added: “We were thrilled to see skateboarding appear at the Tokyo Olympics last year. And there was great excitement when Paris promoted breakdancing at the closing ceremony as a distinctive addition to the 2024 Olympics, in recognition of the reach of breakdancing around the world. We have a fantastic opportunity here to redefine and revive the much-loved dance movie franchise, taking it to new heights by featuring some of the world’s best break dancers, ensuring that it is the defining dance franchise of the decade.”

Watch the final performance of the Breaking Point dance crew below Street Dance 3D

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